Elect Carlos R. Lopez for Colorado State Senate District #35

Hello.  My name is Carlos R. Lopez and I am proud to be a candidate for Senate District #35.  While working as a Trinidad city council member for the past three and a half years, I have strived to improve our hometown community with the help of a progressive city council.  We on council have had some great success in so many portions of the community.  I have been lucky to be a part of the continuing upgrades to our infrastructural needs while successfully using our budget in a conservative way that saves for Trinidad’s unforeseen needs down the road.

Trinidad has seen unprecedented economic growth for the past four years.  With the implementation of Space To Create, the first pilot program using the state’s Creative District entity.  Space To Create is a collaborative effort with Art Space.  Art Space has had an impeccable history of converting blighted buildings across America’s urban neighborhoods and converting these buildings into invigorated areas that promote affordable housing paired with studio space for artistic work to be created.  All the while offering retail and community space to the artists to sell their products or teach their craft.  With this renovation, we will also be adding another affordable living complex to expand our housing needs for a total of 41 apartments.  With the help of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, the Department of Local Affairs and Art Space, Space To Create will add another dimension of economic growth to Trinidad.


Committed to the
Recreational Development

I have also been working with other partnerships. Great Outdoors Colorado, The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public Lands and The Department of Wildlife have recently shown tangible results here in Trinidad.  With these successful partnerships, The Crazy French Ranch has been acquired, with very little financial assistance from the taxpayers of Trinidad, to create the second largest state park!  This acquisition of 19,000 acres plus the abutting 11,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management property will create another huge recreational economic draw for southern Colorado.

Committed to Future Generations

I am committed to education and have something to show for it.  In my first year in office, I have successfully founded an after school program, The Youth Club of Trinidad, Inc.   For the past three years, we have been able to supplement our local school districts with educational/ vocational programing to help our most valuable asset… our youth.   

I serve on several boards here and regionally.  I am the Chair of the Youth Club of Trinidad.  I am also the city council liaison to the Urban Forestry Board.  I am a member of our Trinidad and Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce.  I work in conjunction with our Trinidad State Junior College as a board member of the Human Services Advisor Board, a newly formed educational program that strives to give real world classes that help facilitate certificates or Associates Degrees towards careers such as intake workers, case managers, community outreach members and more. 


Committed to Personal Enhancement for Constituents

Recently I have been appointed by my city council in Trinidad as an Arkansas River Power Authority board member.  This board is a collective of individuals from south eastern Colorado who collectively oversee the cooperative electrical provider for six communities.  We make decisions that affect the member cities’ financial and strategic planning for generational energy consumption needs.

I am also proud to be an Executive Board Member of the prestigious Colorado Municipal League.  I was elected to this position by other elected and city officials of the League.  In this capacity, I work directly with other elected and city officials of a variety of Colorado communities.  Together with our lobbyists, we help direct legislation at the General Assembly that impacts our everyday lives.  Here I have been able to make the connections that will benefit Senate District #35 citizens the most.  My contacts through the League will give us a leg up advantage that none of my competitors can tout.


Carlos R. Lopez for Colorado State Senate District #35
- Carlos R. Lopez for Colorado State Senate District #35
photo by Brad Kirby

My educational background is the following:  I graduated from Trinidad High School and studied my first year at Trinidad State Junior College.  I transferred to the University of Northern Colorado where I received my Bachelors of Art and Science in Psychology.  My minor is Legal Studies, a program that encompassed curriculum in political science, philosophy and law.  I continued my education after in Denver where I attained a Paralegal Certificate from the Denver Paralegal Institute.  While there I interned at the Colorado Democratic Senate Campaign Fund office.

I am a proud member of the Democratic Party.  I have hopes to turn southern Colorado in to a new agricultural powerhouse in the emerging hemp industry while providing legislation that helps our existing ranches and farms continue their ways of life.  I also have vision for our future in green technology that can benefit our entire state.  I know that we can continue our partnerships with the gas industry while preparing for the future’s energy changes to come. 

I come from a family that encouraged education, hard work, good family values and a genuine concern for our fellow human beings, no matter what their social or economic standings are.  That is why I am running for this position.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to have an opportunity to earn your vote.


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