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Governor John Hickenlooper, US Senate Candidate is proud to endorse Carlos R. Lopez.


Andrew Romanoff, US Senate Candidate:

When it comes to the decisions that matter, southern and rural Coloradans deserve not just a seat at the table but a leader who will take a stand. That’s what Carlos Lopez is all about—fighting for good jobs, strong schools, and healthy communities.Too many politicians forget the people they represent. Carlos never will. I’m proud to endorse Carlos Lopez for Senate District 35. We need his voice now more than ever.


Justice M Patricio Serna, Retired Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court and Alum of Denver University School of Law (1970) is proud to endorese Carlos R. Lopez.


U.S. House Representative Candidate Ike McCorkle has endorsed Carlos R. Lopez.


U.S. House Representative Candidate Joe Neguse, has endorsed Carlos R. Lopez.


Colorado House District #62 Representative Donald Valdez has endorsed Carlos R. Lopez


Colorado State Senate District #11 Senator Pete Lee, who sits as the Chair of the Judiciary Committee and the Vice Chair of the Finance Committee endorses Carlos R. Lopez.


I, Luis A. Lopez II,  Las Animas county commissioner district two,  announce my endorsement for Carlos Lopez,  Colorado State Senate, District #35 .

Thank you .

Luis A Lopez II
Las Animas County commissioner


Karen Griego, City of Trinidad Council Member

I have had the honor of working with Carlos as a fellow city council member for two years.  During that time I found Carlos to be very diligent in performing his duties on city council.  He has a high level of integrity in all of his business dealings. He is a very compassionate young man with limitless energy and desire to serve the youth of this community thru his efforts with Trinidad Youth Club. I have no reservations in my endorsement of Carlos Lopez for Senate District #35. 



I am Anthony Mattie, a life-long resident of Las Animas County, a retired Colorado State Patrol sergeant, and a seated member of the governing council for the city of Trinidad.

I have known Mr. Lopez and his family for many years. We served together on city council, where I was given direct opportunity to observe him in action as an advocate of those he represented.

I saw his enthusiasm as he tackled the complex business of city governance and the myriad issues that crossed the dais.  He was a responsible steward of the taxpayer’s dollars, all the while ambitiously directing our efforts to resolve our community’s many pressing needs.  He primarily spearheaded the development of the Trinidad Youth Club and he was an active advocate of the community’s homeless population.  His experience as a businessman served us well in our efforts at economic development.

Mr. Lopez was adept at maintaining a positive work relationship with everyone.  While he was committed to his personal beliefs, he was as open minded and receptive of the ideas of others.  Mr. Lopez always prepared himself for formal action by researching and learning about the topics at hand.

Without reservation, I am confident in his leadership abilities, motivation, and personal skills.

Therefore, I endorse Carlos Lopez as a candidate for the office of Colorado State Senator representing Senate District 35 and encourage you to learn more about him and support his candidacy.


Anthony Mattie


I hereby endorse Carlos Lopez.  Elect Carlos R. Lopez for Colorado State Senate, District #35.

Trinidad City Council Member, Rusty Goodall.


Former Trinidad City Council Member and current Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Board Member Michelle Miles has endorsed Carlos R. Lopez.


Sheriff Kirk Taylor of Pueblo County has endorsed Carlos R. Lopez.

It is my honor and privilege to endorse Carlos Lopez for Colorado Senate District 35. Carlos understands the issues that rural Colorado faces and will be a strong voice for the San Luis Valley in Denver. Carlos will fight for improved funding for education that the San Luis Valley needs. He will also be a voice for healthcare that is critical to the citizens of Southern Colorado. Lastly, Carlos will advocate for protectingour water from those who want to take it or abuse it. Join me and voting for Carlos Lopez for ColoradoSenate District 35!

Matthew Martinez
Former Councilmember
City of Monte Vista


As a life long resident of Southern Colorado, Candidate Carlos R. Lopez knows what his community needs and that includes protections for Colorado's water, air and public lands. Conservation Colorado is proud to endorse Carlos Lopez for SD 35.   

Conservation Colorado


Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to endorse Carlos R. Lopez.


We believe that, once elected, Carlos will stand up to fight for Colorado’s students and educators during the COVID crisis and beyond. It is clear that he values Colorado’s public schools, and he will prioritize addressing our funding emergency and teacher shortages, treat our educators with dignity, tackle our state’s student debt crisis, and stand up for Colorado’s working families as a whole.

The American Federation of Teachers


The United Steel Workers of Pueblo, CO are proud to endorse Carlos R. Lopez.


Colorado WINS Local #1876 is proud to endorse Carlos R. Lopez.